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Incommensurable - Formosa Sculpture Biennial 2015_Curated by Liu Chu-Lan

何以為度? 2015福爾摩沙雕塑雙年展_劉俊蘭策展


v/ Pier-2 Art Center 駁二藝術特區

d/ 2015.12.30 - 2016.02.29





Dreams ‧ Habitations - NTMoFA Young Artist Collection Exhibition_Curated by Lin Xiao-Yu夢.棲地-館藏青年藝術展_林曉瑜策展


v/ NTMoFA 國立台灣美術館

d/ 2015.12.19 - 2016.03.06





Hilarious Observations on Daily Life



v/ Winwin Art 未藝術

d/ 2015.09.19 - 2015.10.25





Spine Project with Parkett Magazine Vol.96-99帕克特書脊計畫 96-99期





You Will Not Be Wasted



v/ HSCUE Art Space竹師藝術空間

d/ 2015.04.21 - 2015.05.20





The Great Scenery



v/ Absolut Art Space 絕對空間

d/ 2015.01.17 - 2015.02.23



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