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You Are My Nature


Plastic, glass jar

Installation size



We all perhaps have the similar experience of playing with plastic animal toys.


Exotic creatures native to lands thousands of miles away are coarsely shrunk and simplified into tiny models to satisfy our desire to collect curiosities and rarities leading human beings, the crown of creation, to imagine a utopia with different species that fits the standard of our civilization. However, they might simply be products that trick us into thinking that all animals are adorable. Some products made of inferior plastic even exude a toxic stink. Even the real smell of living animals mixed with plants and their feces might smell better. Yet, the odor of bad plastic seems to be what our environment smells like—the smell of reality.


This pile of animal toys is primarily constituted of flawed products from China, which have been poorly colored or deformed. For me, they (plastic) are like marble stones in rough, on which I give them faces using the eyes as reference points. Although the entire process is to remove matter, the result is contrarily like adding somewhat incompatible faces. Piled and compressed, they have formed a raised grave.


Although you are neither humans nor animals, you might just be my nature.






You Are My Nature: Mini

Plastic, glass jar

Approx 30×30×30 cm



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