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Phoenix Theif












2012, 2016

Single Channel Video、object|6:20|2012, 2016

The work was inspired by the experience to meet people in random webcam chatting room. Thought the limited angle of the webcam and the low light background, I often curious how those people’s real living spaces looks like beyond the screen.

I met a guy from chatting room and asked his permission to enter his real room. I brought a toy phoenix with me. The toy is annoying, has a bulb in its head, and will turn when its bump into something while its wing waving. The phoenix is a cheaply made and looks silly, the sadness of its poor quality strangely gave it more soul. I put the toy in this dark and anonymous room of my net encounter. The phoenix works both as a scout and thieve, with its mechanical movement and a glowing head exploding this intimate space inch by inch, and I captured this session with webcam-like low quality.

A legendary bird reborn in the real world, thought a twist from a random chatting to a physical visiting, tells a modern mystic of net encounter.



單頻道錄像、物件|6:20|2012, 2016














Phoenix Theif

Single Channel Video|6:20|2012, 2016



KiSS... and SAVE|Nanhai Gallery,Taipei,TW|2012


吳權倫_Phoenix-Theif_2012 (南海現場03)
吳權倫_Phoenix-Theif_2012 (南海現場05)
吳權倫_Phoenix-Theif_2012 (南海現場04)
吳權倫_Phoenix-Theif_2012 (南海現場02)
吳權倫_Phoenix-Theif_2012 (南海現場01)


The house of phoenix

Paper, acrylic

吳權倫_Phoenix-Theif_2012 (南海現場06)
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