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Newsletter 05:Last two weeks of「No Country For Canine」; review online, and upcoming in November

Formation Deformation Dogformation|Pencil on paper, photography, found DDR Katzhütte (Hertwig & Co) porcelain, white porcelain|Installation size|2018-2019

編隊 型變 犬變|鉛筆紙本、攝影、東德卡茲許特陶瓷收藏、白瓷|空間尺寸|2018-2019

Dear friends,

My solo exhibition in Taipei Fine Art Museum “No Country For Canine” ends in two weeks (Nov. 03). Please grasp the last chance to see it on-site. Meanwhile, the full documentary of the show has updated on the website. The publication for the show will publish three weeks later after the finissage, which will feature two articles of review. The one by CHEN Kuan-Yu can be viewed online now (currently only in Chinese).

At once, I participated in the group exhibition in Waley Art from 02. November to 01. December. The exhibition titled “Relocating Divinity: Being an Atheist Theist”, curated by CHU Feng-Yi. The exhibition examined the religious/spiritual movement of human mind in modern time. “Angle-Fortune” will be featured in the show.

Best wishes,


B_EEDS, N_TION, ETHNI_, R_GION|Brass 黃銅|Installation size 20 pieces 空間尺寸 二十件|2019

until Nov. 03 2019

Stone-pile NO.11 石頭塔十一號|Paper-craft made with photo paper, light stand 相紙紙雕,燈架|approx 200×130×130 cm|2016-2019

Nov. 02 to Dec. 01 2019




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